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Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Finance (Minfin) is a federal executive body responsible for drafting and implementing government policy and legal regulation in the field of budget, tax, insurance, foreign exchange, banking, credit cooperatives, microfinance, financial markets, public debt, auditing, accounting and reporting, the production, processing and circulation of precious metals and precious stones, customs duties, customs valuation, formation and investment of pension funds, including those included in the reserve fund, organising and conducting lotteries and gambling, production and circulation of secured printing materials, financial support for public services, housing investment funds for military personnel-participants in the accumulated mortgage system, state regulation of private pension funds, asset managers, specialised depositaries and actuaries for private pensions, mandatory pension insurance and occupational pension insurance (excluding state regulation of relations between private pension funds and private pension fund members, the insured individuals and their legal successors, as well as in regard to legal relationships which are the subject of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation), state regulation of shared construction of residential buildings and/or other immovable property, and the credit reference bureau.

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    • março 2018
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      Data cited at: Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation https://www.minfin.ru/ru/ Topic:  Activity , National debt , Public domestic debt of the Russian Federation, Debt structure  Publication: The volume of public domestic debt of the Russian Federation https://www.minfin.ru/ru/perfomance/public_debt/internal/structure/total/ License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/   Public Domestic Debt of the Russian Federation