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Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) enables people to have debates on social issues on the basis of reliable statistical information.The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information which responds to the needs of Dutch society. The responsibility of CBS is twofold: firstly, to compile (official) national statistics and secondly to compile European (community) statistics.

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    • outubro 2019
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      Data cited at:  CBS StatLine databank https://opendata.cbs.nl/statline/portal.html?_la=en&_catalog=CBS Publication: Mortality; key figures https://opendata.cbs.nl/portal.html?_la=en&_catalog=CBS&tableId=37979eng&_theme=1059 License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/   This table includes key figures on mortality in the Dutch population broken down by gender. The figures include totals and ratios of deceased persons, infant mortality, mortality in babies younger than 4 weeks and perinatal mortality (after a gestation period of 24 weeks or more and after a gestation period of 28 weeks or more). The table also presents figures on life expectancy at birth and average age at death. For additional information on Mortality the reader is referred to the Dutch tables. Data available from: 1950 Status of the figures: All data recorded in this publication are final data. Changes as of 4 June 2018: Data of 2017 have been added. Changes as of 20 April 2018: The underlying coding of classifications used in this table has been adjusted. It is now in line with the standard encoding defined by CBS. The structure and data of the table have not been adjusted. When will new figures be published? In the third quarter 2019 final figures of 2018 will be published.

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