Value of Buildings Completed, Accumulated

(100 million yuan)

Value of Buildings Completed refers to the construction value of the house itself that has been reported during the reporting period according to the provisions. It is generally calculated according to provisions on housing design and content of the budget, including the foundation of buildings completed, structure, houses, decoration as well as water, electricity, health and other ancillary works, also including acquisition and installation costs of a device (such as elevators, ventilation equipment, etc.) as an integral part of the building component and housing construction budget, not including the plant process equipment, the purchase and installation of process piping, process equipment based on the construction, outdoor water, heating, electricity, health, road works, retaining walls and other costs of environmental engineering, office and living with the purchase of furniture and other expenses, the cost of land acquisition, relocation compensation fee and the cost of site preparation and urban construction investment. Value of Buildings Completed includes not only the completion of the value of buildings in the reporting period, also includes the construction of buildings across in the value of this finish. Unfinished and transferred to other units of housing construction projects, completed transfer unit value is not calculated .After acception by an unit to construct and conform to the conditions after completion, its completion value can be calculated by the accepting unit, including the transfer unit to complete before the transfer value.