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Quality of Government Institute

The QoG Institute was founded in 2004 by Professor Bo Rothstein and Professor Sören Holmberg. It is an independent research institute within the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. QoG conduct and promote research on the causes, consequences and nature of Good Governance and the Quality of Government (QoG) - that is, trustworthy, reliable, impartial, uncorrupted and competent government institutions.

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    • janeiro 2018
      Fonte: Quality of Government Institute
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      Acesso em 16 fevereiro, 2018
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      In the QoG Standard CS dataset, data from and around 2014 is included. Data from 2014 is prioritized, however, if no data is available for a country for 2014, data for 2015 is included. If no data exists for 2015, data for 2013 is included, and so on up to a maximum of +/- 3 years. In the QoG Standard TS dataset, data from 1946 to 2017 is included and the unit of analysis is country-year (e.g. Sweden-1946, Sweden-1947 and so on).   Citation: Teorell, Jan, Stefan Dahlberg, Sören Holmberg, Bo Rothstein, Natalia Alvarado Pachon & Richard Svensson. 2018. The Quality of Government Standard Dataset, version Jan18. University of Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute, http://www.qog.pol.gu.se doi:10.18157/QoGStdJan18