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    • abril 2015
      Fonte: Google
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 13 abril, 2015
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      This dataset has nearly 25,000 hopsital name, address and phone number details across all african countries collected from Google & OSM maps.
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    • janeiro 2013
      Fonte: Google
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 18 junho, 2013
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      The statistics here reflect the number of law enforcement agency requests for information Google receive at Google and YouTube, the percentage of requests that Google complies with (in whole or in part) and the number of users or accounts specified in the requests. Google reviews each request to make sure that it complies with both the spirit and the letter of the law, and Google may refuse to produce information or try to narrow the request in some cases.
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