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World Shipping Council

World Shipping Council members operate approximately 90 percent of the global liner ship capacity, providing approximately 400 regularly scheduled services linking the continents of the world. Collectively, these services transport about 60 percent of the value of global seaborne trade, and more than US$ 4 trillion worth of goods annually.

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    • dezembro 2015
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      The American Association of Port Authorities has produced a "World Port Rankings" for the top 100 ports in the world in 2015 based on both cargo tonnage and container traffic. In order to get a more accurate measure for the most active container ports one must rank based on container traffic, measured in TEU. As the largest exporter of goods moving on container services, Shanghai, China ranks as number one in the top fifty global container ports. Furthermore, Singapore still ranks as number two mainly because it is an important hub where containers from one-liner service are transferred to another liner service for on-carriage to their final destination. The tiny country of Malta has risen to a major world port by developing a transhipment hub on the island.