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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

UNECE's major aim is to promote pan-European economic integration. UNECE includes 56 member States in Europe, North America and Asia. However, all interested United Nations member States may participate in the work of UNECE. Over 70 international professional organizations and other non-governmental organizations take part in UNECE activities.

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    • abril 2019
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      Source: UNECE Statistical Database, compiled from national official sources. Definition:A journalist is a person whose profession is to write for newspapers or magazines or to prepare news or features to be broadcast on radio, television or electronic media. Journalists are defined by ISCO-08, code 2642 even though this group comprises some other related occupations. .. - data not available Country: Canada Data based on National Occupational Classification 2006. Country: Canada Data exclude the 3 northern territories. Country: Croatia Data refer only to journalists who are members of the Croatian Journalists Association. Country: Cyprus Reference period (1990): data refer to 1989. Country: Cyprus Territorial change (1990 onward): data refer to Government controlled areas only. Country: Czechia Change in definition (1990 - 2001): Data refer to membership of the Syndicate of journalists only. Country: Denmark Data refer to november of preceding year. 2009: break in series, change in source. Country: Finland Break in methodology (2010): From 2010 data are corresponding to ISCO08. Country: Iceland Data refers to members of two associations of journalists at end of year. Country: Ireland Change in definition (2011 - 2013): Membership of National Union of Journalists. Country: Latvia Change in definition (2002 - 2006): Include all persons according definition of the occupational group 2451 Authors, journalists and other writers (a-l) (ISCO-88). Journalists are defined by ISCO 2451 even though this group comprises some other related occupations. Country: Latvia Change in definition (2010): Include all persons according definition of the occupational group 2642 Journalists (ISCO-08). Country: Lithuania Additional information (2011): Data by classification ISCO-08, group 2642. Country: Norway From 2011 data refer to ISCO-08 and average per year. Refers to ISCO-code 2641-51, 2656 combined. Country: Romania Change in definition (1990 - 2013): The figures represent the registered members of the Professional Journalists Union of Romania. Country: Serbia 2015 data are for the membership in the Association of Serbian Journalists. Country: Sweden Change in nomenclature from ISCO-88 to ISCO-08 between 2013 and 2014. Country: Switzerland Break in methodlogy (2010): As of 2010, data are estimated from structural surveys realised annually within the framework of the new population census. Measurement: Journalists , Country: Switzerland Data are rounded by multiple of 1000. Country: United Kingdom Change in definition (2001): Data is based on the SOC2000 classification, codes 3412 (authors, writers) and 3431 (journalists, newspaper and periodical editors).

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