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Texas Comptroller's office

The Texas Comptroller's office was originally created by the Texas provisional government in 1835. The Comptroller is the chief steward of the state's finances, acting as tax collector, chief accountant, chief revenue estimator and chief treasurer for all of state government, in addition to administering a number of other programs

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    • novembro 2019
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      Data cited at:  https://data.texas.gov/Government-and-Taxes/Sales-Tax-Allocation-County-MTA-SPD/qsh8-tby8/data Sales tax allocation comparison summary reports present data on monthly local sales and use tax payments to local jurisdictions. These payments represent funds identified for local jurisdictions since the previous month’s distribution. When used with other local indicators, these reports may help indicate present and future economic trends. This table contains data for counties, Special-Purpose Districts (SPDs), Metropolitan Transit Authorities (MTAs), and city transit departments (CTDs).
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    • maio 2017
      Fonte: Texas Comptroller's office
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      The data or facts (facts are more than mere bragging) help to understand situation,How’s the economy? What about taxes? Debt? Personal wages? in Texas as compare to other Economy which help policymakers and taxpayers to make better policies and investment for future of Texas. The Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas forecasts revenue for the state, making it vitally important that keep a finger on the pulse of the economy. Third-party sources compiled the source data for these rankings; our office has not independently verified the data. The Comptroller does not control or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any source data — provided as of the date indicated — or related website. When you access any third-party website, you will be leaving the Comptroller’s website.

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