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National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis, Benin

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis is responsible for: To work towards the development of a scientific methodology for public and private administrations and bodies, with a view to harmonizing the techniques used and making the various results comparable, and in this context contributing to the organization of statistical services in the organizations and administrations; To collect, use and analyze statistical data from sample surveys, censuses of current statistics and other sources for a better understanding of the demographic, economic, financial and social situation of the Republic of Benin; To organize and implement demographic, agricultural, industrial and other statistical and economic surveys or assist in their implementation; To study the projects of surveys or studies of all the other organisms and to report them to the National Council of Statistics; To study and monitor the economic and financial conjecture of the country, establish the economic accounts and produce quantitative information useful for the development of economic development programs; To ensure the periodic publication of statistical information in the form of newsletters, directories, journals, press releases, directories and others; To collect the existing documentation both in the field of statistical studies and that of demographic and economic studies and to constitute a library of statistical works; To liaise with the statistical services of African and foreign countries, international organizations and represent Benin in meetings, conferences and congresses on statistics; To facilitate and encourage the study of statistical science and information technology and to provide training for technical staff in statistical research and information processing; To study the possibilities of improving the performance of public services and enterprises in the statistical field; ensure at all levels the training and specialization of its managers; perform the processing of information, both for its own needs and those of public services, parastatals or others, when the objective conditions of the country require it.

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