Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Qatar

Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics is competent of the development of the overall vision for the state, in cooperation with the concerned authorities; preparation of national development strategies; follow-up of their implementation, in coordination with the concerned authorities; preparation of studies and population policies related to such strategies; supporting the planning process in government agencies; working on linking development priorities to the state budget; monitoring the progress of implementation of plans. It is also mandated to establish an integrated statistical system; conduct, organize and supervise formal statistical operations; implement various censuses and surveys; and disseminate statistical data and products.

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    • junho 2024
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      Qatar: Foreign Merchandise Trade The foreign trade data reflects a clear image of the stages of economical growth in the State of Qatar, as it shows the commodities flow in the shape of national exports, re-exports, and imports to / from different countries of the world. The foreign trade tables contains detailed data for visible imports by country of origin and Exports and Re-Exports by country of destination. The commodity tables are classified by sections and items of the Harmonized System (H.S.) issued by World Customs Organization, which was adapted according to GCC’s needs to meet the actual movement of foreign trade in the region, in addition to other statistical tables. The customs declaration entry issued by Customs Department is the main source of statistical information according to the Special Trade System adopted by the State of Qatar.