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Ministry of Finance, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

National Treasury : 1.To enforce national fiscal policies and maintain a balanced budget 2.To raise construction funds to meet the needs of national economic development. 3.To regulate public treasury systems and supervise the treasury administration at all levels of government. 4.To adjust revenues and expenditures and secure economic stability through government debt policy. Customs : 1.To devise customs policy and tariff system. 2.To set and review import tariff rates, classification of products and customs valuation. 3.To enact customs laws and anti-smuggling regulations. 4.To supervise customs administrative affairs and customs duty collection. 5.To handle international customs affairs. Taxation : 1.To design tax policies, and the taxation system, and to supervise the collection of taxes and duties at all levels of tax offices. 2.To improve the tax structure and the distribution of tax burden. 3.To establish an overall sound tax environment to meet the needs of economic development. Management of National Property : 1.Acquisition and registration of national land. 2.Management of national real estate not for public use. 3.Disposition of national real estate not for public use. 4.Development of national real estate not for public use. Fiscal Information : 1.Fiscal information system architecture planning and introduction of cloud computing applications to increase the value of information. 2.Evaluation of the plans for the development of the fiscal information system and the acquisition of equipment to integrate information resources. 3.Establishment of a secure fiscal information environment to increase administrative effectiveness. 4.Enhancement of fiscal information system operations to deliver convenient and innovative services to the public. Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects : 1.The establishment of relevant policies and frameworks, as well as the promotion of relevant policies. 2.The collection, public announcement, and conduct of statistics for relevant information and data. 3.The conduct of professional training. 4.The inter-agency coordination in connection with the operation of the relevant authorities-in-charge, as well as the supervision and the evaluation of the relevant infrastructure projects.

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      The statistics cover only goods exported to and imported from the economic territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu). Fish caught and sold overseas by national fishing vessels are also included in exports.Total Exports = Exports + Re-exports, Total Imports = Imports + Re-imports.Exports/re-exports is based on F.O.B. value. Imports/re-imports is based on C.I.F value.The same currency exchange rate from NT dollar to US dollar is applied to either imports/re-imports or exports/re-exports, which is the midpoint between selling and buying rates announced by Customs every 10 days in a month for filling Customs declaration purpose.Notes:  1. Prior to 2015, the value of exports includes bunker oil for the use of national vessels, aircrafts and other means of conveyance engaged in international trade. 2. Prior to 1998, the value of exports and imports by Continent/Country excludes re-exports and re-imports.   2019 values are year to date

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