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MIT Airline Data Project

The Airline Data Project (ADP) was established by the MIT Global Airline Industry Program to better understand the opportunities, risks and challenges facing this vital industry. The ADP is designed to support the goals of the MIT Airline Industry Consortium. It is a unique repository of data and analysis that will allow individuals – from academia to the financial community to the news media – to monitor the evolution of the U.S. commercial airline industry.

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    • abril 2018
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      The ADP provides a basic set of data and analysis highlighting earnings and the impact on a company’s cash flow, as well as the impact of earnings and cash flow on liquidity and capitalization positions. The ADP will perform analyses of each U.S. airline that files with the SEC and provide the ratios most commonly used in the analysis of a company’s financial position. These ratios can be used for basic analysis of an individual company, as well as for comparison purposes with other companies examined by the Airline Data Project.