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National Institute of Statistics, Italy

The Italian National Institute of Statistics is a public research organisation. It has been present in Italy since 1926, and is the main producer of official statistics in the service of citizens and policy-makers. It operates in complete independence and continuous interaction with the academic and scientific communities. Since 1989 Istat has been performing the role of directing, coordinating, and providing technical assistance and training within the National Statistical System (Sistan). The System was established under Legislative Decree 322/89 in order to rationalise the production and publication of information and to optimise resources allocated to official statistics. Sistanis made up of Istat, central and branch statistical departments of Public Administrations, of local and regional bodies, Chambers of Commerce, other public bodies and administrations providing statistical information.

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    • outubro 2019
      Fonte: National Institute of Statistics, Italy
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      Data source(s) used: Participation rates in education and training are indicators adopted by the Lisbon Strategy, and subsequently reasserted in "Europe 2020", in order to define strategic objectives that are essential for creating sustainable economic growth, developing the labour market and increasing social cohesion.The source of "Participation rate in early childhood education" indicator is Eurostat ."Participation rates in education and training" are processing of data from Oecd for the cross-country indicator. For Italian regional figures the data source is Istat elaboration for UOE (Unesco, Oecd, Eurostat). The sources of "Participation rate in lifelong learning" and "Population aged 15 to 29 NEET (Not in education, employment or training)" indicators are: Eurostat, Labour force survey, for the cross-country indicators and Istat, Labour force survey, for the Italian regional indicators.

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