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Finnish Internet Audience Measurement - FIAM

FIAM, the Finnish Internet Audience Measurement, is the official measurement of online audiences in Finland. FIAM provides a wealth of information about audiences for sites, subsections, sales packs, or ad networks, as well as for different terminal devices and as a whole. FIAM was established at the beginning of 2017 and is run by a Subsidiary Group consisting of customers. The measurement also includes a Technical Group. FIAM's practical work is handled by Media Metrics Finland. The primary function of FIAM's activities is to promote the use of reliable and commonalized data on online audiences in Finland. FIAM is an agency that knows, defines and manages common standards for measuring online audiences. FIAM is not a Join Industry Committee (JIC) in the same way as Media Audit Finland, for example, because it does not own the measurement data purchased by its customers. It is a so-called hybrid model in which a commercial partner owns data and can commercialize it closely under agreed terms.

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      Monthly visitors are the number of Finnish Internet users who have accessed websites and applications on different terminals. The measurement takes into account the use of different devices by one user and is based on browser and application usage on computers, smartphones and tablets. The number of Internet users is 4,608,000 Finns.