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Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board

Role and Responsibilities of the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board (CRDB) 1) To act as the “One-Stop Service” and Operational Arm in liaising with the Development Partners and NGOs that provide grants assistance to Cambodia, and to serve as the focal point in the contact among government's ministries and institutions to coordination for receiving and/or management of development assistance. 2) To formulate and implement strategies on the mobilization and management of development cooperation to strengthen the ownership and the leadership of the Royal Government in the development activities, and to strengthen partnership with the development partners community. 3) To mobilize and allocate development assistance for the implementation of the priorities set out in the National Strategic Development Plan and the Sectoral Development Programs. 4) To lead the works that are relevant to enhance the effectiveness of development assistance. 5) To provide technical supports that enhance the mechanism of joint-technical working groups. 6) To lead preparatory works, for policy level meetings with Development Partners such as” Government Development Partner Coordination Committee” and the “Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum”. 7) To participate in preparing socio-economics and sectoral planning to develop Cambodia. 8) To manage public investments in cooperation with the relevant ministries and institutions. This process shall mainly be related to the coordination and direction of the allocation and utilization of the national and external resources with the aim of rehabilitating and developing Cambodia. 9) To sign on behalf of the Royal Government with Development Partners for the reception and/or allocation of development assistance, pursuant to the delegation of authority by the Prime Minister; and. 10) To produce and submit semi-annual and annual reports to the Royal Government for its review and its corrective measures of the rehabilitation and development works.

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