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Luxemburgo - Expectativa de vida escolar

12,9 (anos) em 2013

School life expectancy (years). Primary to secondary. Total is the total number of years of schooling which a child of a certain age can expect to receive in the future, assuming that the probability of his or her being enrolled in school at any particular age is equal to the current enrollment ratio for that age. For a child of a certain age a, the school life expectancy is calculated as the sum of the age specific enrolment rates for the levels of education specified. The part of the enrolment that is not distributed by age is divided by the school-age population for the level of education they are enrolled in, and multiplied by the duration of that level of education. The result is then added to the sum of the age-specific enrolment rates. The expected number of years does not necessarily coincide with the expected number of grades of education completed because of repetition.

Data Valor Modificar, %
2013 12,9 0,74%
2012 12,8 -0,32%
2011 12,9 -0,66%
2010 13,0 0,70%
2008 12,9 -0,02%
2007 12,9 0,36%
2006 12,8 0,62%
2005 12,8 0,08%
2004 12,7 0,05%
2003 12,7 -0,45%
2002 12,8 -0,41%
2001 12,8