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  • Presidente:Michael D. Higgins
  • Primeiro Ministro:Leo Varadkar
  • Capital:Dublin
  • Línguas:English (official, the language generally used), Irish (Gaelic or Gaeilge) (official, spoken by approximately 38.7% of the population as a first or second language in 2011; mainly spoken in areas along the western coast)
  • Governo
  • Estatísticas Nacionais Oficias
  • População, pessoas:4.853.506 (2018)
  • Área, km2:68.890
  • PIB per capita, US$:77.450 (2018)
  • PIB, bilhões em US$ atuais:375,9 (2018)
  • Índice de GINI:No data
  • Facilidade para Fazer Negócios:23


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    • abril 2019
      Fonte: Eurostat
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 22 abril, 2019
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      Eurostat's database covers 1) Production and trade in roundwood and wood products, including primary and secondary products 2) Economic data on forestry and logging, including employment data 3) Sustainable forest management, comprising forest resources (assets) and environmental data. The main types of primary forest products included in (1) are: roundwood, sawnwood, wood-based panels, pulp, and paper and paperboard. Secondary products include further processed wood and paper products. These products are presented in greater detail; definitions are available. All of the data are compiled from the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (JFSQ), except for table (e), which is directly extracted from Eurostat's international trade database COMEXT (HS/CN Chapter 44). The tables in (1) cover details of the following topics: - Roundwood removals and production by type of wood and assortment (a) - Roundwood production by type of ownership (b) - Production and trade in roundwood, fuelwood and other basic products (c) - Trade in industrial roundwood by assortment and species (d) - Tropical wood imports to the EU from Chapter 44 of the Harmonised System (e) - Production and trade in sawnwood, panels and other primary products (f) - Sawnwood trade by species (g) - Production and trade in pulp and paper & paperboard (h) - Trade in secondary wood and paper products (i) Data in (2) include the output, intermediate consumption, gross value added, fixed capital consumption, gross fixed capital formation and different measures of income of forestry and logging.  The data are in current basic prices and are compatible with National Accounts. They are collected as part of Intergrated environmental and economic accounting for forests (IEEAF), which also covers labour input in annual work units (AWU).  Under (2), two separate tables cover the number of employees of forestry and logging, the manufacture of wood and products of wood and cork, and the manufacture of paper and paper products, as estimated from the Labour Force Survey results. There are two separate tables because of the change in the EU's classification of economic activities from NACE Rev. 1.1 to NACE Rev. 2 in 2008. More detailed information on wood products and accounting, including definitions and questionnaires, can be found on our open-access communication platform under the interest group 'Forestry statistics and accounts'.  Data in (3) are not collected by Eurostat, but by the FAO, UNECE, Forest Euope, the European Commission's departments for Environment and the Joint Research Centre. They include forest area, wood volume, defoliation on sample plots, fires and areas with protective functions.
  • T
    • abril 2019
      Fonte: Eurostat
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 20 abril, 2019
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      "Paper and paper board" comprises the sum of graphic papers; sanitary and household papers; packaging materials and other paper and paperboard. It excludes manufactured paper products such as boxes, cartons, books and magazines.

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