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Gana - Changes in inventories in constant LCU prices of 2010

3.652.700.473 (valor, UML) em 2017

Changes in inventories (including work-in-progress) consist of changes in: (a) stocks of outputs that are still held by the units that produced them prior to their being further processed, sold, delivered to other units or used in other ways; and (b) stocks of products acquired from other units that are intended to be used for intermediate consumption or for resale without further processing; they are measured by the value of the entries into inventories less the value of withdrawals and the value of any recurrent losses of goods held in inventories.

Data Valor Modificar, %
2017 3.652.700.473 174,46%
2016 1.330.871.841 29,87%
2015 1.024.737.432 2,93%
2014 995.590.794 14,69%
2013 868.076.119 -11,73%
2012 983.395.574 10,67%
2011 888.574.844 -31,68%
2010 1.300.618.998 122,96%
2009 583.347.251 -297,41%
2008 -295.496.894 39,72%
2007 -211.496.692 -17,04%
2006 -254.927.670

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