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Estados Unidos de América - Variações de stocks

1,7 (%) em 2017

Changes in inventories (including work-in-progress) consist of changes in: (a) stocks of outputs that are still held by the units that produced them prior to their being further processed, sold, delivered to other units or used in other ways; and (b) stocks of products acquired from other units that are intended to be used for intermediate consumption or for resale without further processing; they are measured by the value of the entries into inventories less the value of withdrawals and the value of any recurrent losses of goods held in inventories.

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Data Valor Modificar, %
2017 1,7 -102,42%
2016 -69,6 -243,84%
2015 48,4 -374,20%
2014 -17,7 -132,97%
2013 53,5 -11,96%
2012 60,8 -498,78%
2011 -15,2 -70,93%
2007 -52,5 -301,58%
2006 26,0 -264,41%
2005 -15,8 -103,11%
2004 508,6 -2.863,50%
2003 -18,4

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