• Year Settled:1769
  • First Person Name:Gavin Newsom
  • First Person Title:Governor
  • Period:2019-2023
  • Capital:Sacramento (2019)
  • Largest City:Los Angeles (2019)
  • Land Area in Square Miles:155779,22 (2021)
  • Total Population in Thousands:39237,836 (2021)
  • Population per Square Mile:251,9 (2021)
  • Fertility Rate in Births per 1000 Women:56,2 (2018)
  • Median Age:37,0 (2019)
  • GDP, Millions of Current $:3.132.800,6 (2019)
  • GDP per capita, Current Prices:70.662,00 (2019)
  • Real GDP at Chained 2009 Prices:2.386.388 (2017)
  • New Private Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits:8272 (2017)
  • Per capita Personal Income:36.955 (2019)
  • Total Employment, Thousands of Jobs:24.218,20 (2018)
  • Unemployment Rate (SA),%:5,1 (2019)
  • People of All Ages in Poverty, %:13,4 (2019)
  • Official Web-Site of the State

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    • julho 2024
      Fonte: CNBC
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      Acesso em 17 julho, 2024
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      Data cited at: CNBC Around 50 states have been assigned score on more than 60 measures of competitiveness which are  developed with input from a broad and diverse array of business and policy experts, official government sources, the CNBC Global CFO Council and the states themselves. States receive points based on their rankings in each metric. Then we separate those metrics into 10 broad categories, weighted based on how frequently each is used as a selling point in state economic development marketing materials. That way, our study ranks the states based on the criteria they use to sell themselves. This year some states were tied  
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    • janeiro 2020
      Fonte: Forbes
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      Acesso em 26 fevereiro, 2020
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      Forbes' annual Best States For Business ranks U.S. states based on measures of six categories relevant to businesses: costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life. Forbes factors in 40 metrics from 17 sources to determine the ranks across the six main areas. The overall scores are based on a combination of ranks in the six main categories.
    • julho 2024
      Fonte: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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      Acesso em 15 julho, 2024
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      Between 1980 and 2023, 59 Severe Storm, 12 Winter Storm, 4 Flooding, 9 Drought, 4 Tropical Cyclone, and 2 Freeze billion-dollar disaster events affected Ohio (CPI-adjusted). Note: All Events data has been aggregated.
    • dezembro 2023
      Fonte: U.S. Census Bureau
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 18 abril, 2024
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      US : NAICS Sectors, Small Employment Sizes An enterprise is a business organisation consisting of one or more domestic establishments that were specified under common ownership or control. The enterprise and the establishment are the same for single-establishment firms. Each multi-establishment company forms one enterprise - the enterprise employment and annual payroll are summed from the associated establishments.
    • abril 2022
      Fonte: U.S. Census Bureau
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 11 julho, 2022
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  • C
    • abril 2023
      Fonte: U.S. Census Bureau
      Carregamento por: Knoema
      Acesso em 01 março, 2024
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      Note: Industry classification is based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). County Business Patterns (CBP) is an annual series that provides sub-national economic data by industry. This series includes the number of establishments, employment during the week of March 12, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll. This data is useful for studying the economic activity of small areas, analyzing economic changes over time, and as a benchmark for other statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic censuses. Businesses use the data for analyzing market potential, measuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and developing budgets. Government agencies use the data for administration and planning.
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    • maio 2023
      Fonte: Fraser Institute
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      Acesso em 11 maio, 2023
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      Data cited at:  "Annual Survey of Mining Companies: 2021"@ Fraser Institute   The Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies was sent to approximately 4,100 exploration, development, and other mining-related companies around the world. Several mining publications and associations also helped publicize the survey. The survey, conducted from October 9, 2012, to January 6, 2013, represents responses from 742 of those companies. The companies participating in the survey reported exploration spending of US$6.2 billion in 2012 and US$ 5.4 billion in 2011.
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  • W
    • julho 2022
      Fonte: World Bank
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      Acesso em 15 julho, 2022
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      The ease of doing business score helps assess the absolute level of regulatory performance over time. It captures the gap of each economy from the best regulatory performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies in the Doing Business sample since 2005. One can both see the gap between a particular economy’s performance and the best performance at any point in time and assess the absolute change in the economy’s regulatory environment over time as measured by Doing Business. An economy’s ease of doing business score is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest and 100 represents the best performance. For example, an ease of doing business score of 75 in Doing Business 2019 means an economy was 25 percentage points away from the best regulatory performance constructed across all economies and across time. A score of 80 in Doing Business 2020 would indicate the economy is improving   NOTE- The source discontinued this dataset; Reference-Doing Business Legacy (