Expenditure on R&D of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size

(10,000 yuan)

Total Expenditure of Funds on R&D refers to the real expenditure of surveyed units on their own R&D activities (basic research, application study, test and development), including direct expenditure on R&D activities, indirect expenditure of management and services on R&D activities, expenditure on capital construction and material processing by others, excluding the expenditure on production activities, return of loan, and fees transferred to cooperated and entrusted agencies on R&D activities.Experimental development refers that the existing knowledge obtained from basic research, applied research and practical experience is used to produce new products, materials and devices, establish a new technology, systems and services and improve the production and the establishment of the above-mentioned substantial improvement of systematic work. The mainly results forms are patents, proprietary technology, product prototype with the basic features of new products and original prototype with basic features of the new device, etc. In the field of social science, test development refers to the process of transforming the knowledge obtained from basic research, applied research into implement plan (including the implementation of demonstration projects for inspection and assessment).There are no test development activities in the field of humanities domain.Experimental development mainly reflects the ability of transforming scientific research achievements into technology and products, and it is the material results of the science and technology to promote economic and social development.