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Alemanha - Produção de Querosene das Refinarias

103,23 (Milhares de Barris Por Dia) em abril de 2019

Refinery output is the total amount of petroleum products produced at a refinery. Includes petroleum consumed by the refinery. Kerosene is a light petroleum distillate that is used in space heaters, cook stoves, and water heaters and is suitable for use as a light source when burned in wick-fed lamps.

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Data Valor Modificar, %
2019M4 103,23 3,07%
2019M3 100,15 2,26%
2019M2 97,94 -4,63%
2019M1 102,69 6,04%
2018M12 96,85 -4,73%
2018M11 101,65 4,41%
2018M10 97,36 -8,26%
2018M9 106,12 -16,17%
2018M8 126,59 2,68%
2018M7 123,28 -1,60%
2018M6 125,29 16,80%
2018M5 107,27