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As per the latest findings, heavy oil comprises 50% of known oil resource but represents just one in ten barrels of production. Latin America, with a huge amount of untapped reserves of heavy oil will host industry leaders at HCIEx’s Annual Technical Conference “HOTC 2015” addressing key issue of efficient extraction of heavy oil and technical challenges faced by the operating companies in the Latin America ranging from production optimization to improved oil recovery. HOTC 2015 is scheduled to take place from 23rd to 25th  February, 2015 in Bogota Colombia where the subject matter experts from around the globe will gather to address key issues covering all critical aspects from upstream to downstream of heavy oil. This highly technical interactive conference will witness professionals from across the globe discuss, engage and brainstorm with their peers on the contemporary challenges faced and the opportunities and challenges lying ahead.

Event Holder: Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Source: International Energy Statistics

Download our latest US ECONOMY cheat sheet Download

Download our latest US ECONOMY cheat sheet

The United States being the biggest economy in the world significantly influences the global economic situation. The US economy is comprehensively covered by data and statistics from multiple government and private sources. We selected the most significant and up-to-date ones and presented them in this cheat sheet.

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