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Statistics Canada

Under the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is required to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the commercial, industrial, financial, social, economic and general activities and condition of the people of Canada. Statistics Canada has two main objectives. 1) To provide statistical information and analysis about Canada’s economic and social structure to develop and evaluate public policies and programs and to improve public and private decision-making for the benefit of all Canadians. 2) To promote sound statistical standards and practices by using common concepts and classifications to provide better quality data; by working with the provinces and territories to achieve greater efficiency in data collection and less duplication; by reducing the burden on respondents through greater use of data sharing agreements (sources used include annual tax records, monthly employee payroll records and customs records); by improving statistical methods and systems through joint research studies and projects.

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    • maio 2012
      Fonte: Statistics Canada
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      Acesso em 29 julho, 2012
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      This Dataset contains 3 tables. 1. Public sector employment, wages and salaries, seasonally unadjusted and adjusted, monthly, Jan 1981 to Mar 2012 2. Federal government employment, wages and salaries in census metropolitan areas for the month of September, annual, 1990 to 2011 Description 183-0003 3. Department of National Defence, military personnel seasonally unadjusted and adjusted, and wages and salaries, monthly, Mar 1969 to Mar 2012 Description 183-0004 Note : 1. Data may not add to the total due to rounding. 2. Each year in May, minor revisions are applied to various data series based on more current information, to improve overall data quality. 3. Effective May 29, 2009 revisions were made to 2005 to 2008 federal, provincial and territorial employment and wages and salaries data. An adjustment to the provincial and territorial general government data for 2001 to 2008 was made to exclude struck-off employees and employees on unpaid leave to better conform to the Public Sector Employment Survey's definition of employment. Also, provincial government business enterprise data in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta from 1999 to 2008 have been revised. 4. Effective May 29, 2009, 2001 to 2008 data on education, health and social service institutions and local general government from the Survey of Employment Payroll and Hours (SEPH) were revised.