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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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    • outubro 2017
      Fonte: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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      DAYS OBS.: The number of days on which observations were taken. Column will be blank if days are not reported. PRESSURE: Mean station pressure at station level and sea level in tenths of hPa. In the sea level pressure column, Y or Z indicates the number is the mean height in gpm of the 850 hPa or 700 hPa pressure surface, respectively. TEMPERATURE: Mean temperature and departure from AVERAGE value in degrees C. "S" indicates sea surface temperature. DAYS 1 MM: The number of days on which precipitation was 1 mm or more. PRECIPITATION: Total precipitation and departure from AVERAGE in mm. "T" indicates an amount less than 0.5 mm. QUINTILE: Frequency group of precipitation totals. Group numbers are 0 - 6. Groups 0 and 6 are for totals less than and greater than any recorded in the 1961 - 1990 reference period. % OF AV.: Sunshine total hours expressed as a percentage of long-term average. Currently, average period is 1961-90.