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National Statistics Institute of Uruguay

The National Institute of Statistics is a public body whose objective is the preparation, supervision and coordination of national statistics. Its first precedent was the Statistical Table annexed to the Ministry of Finance, created by Decree of November 25, 1852. This Table is transformed into the Directorate of General Statistics still in the nineteenth century, while Law No. 11,923 of March 27 of 1953 assigns it a new name: General Directorate of Statistics and Census. Forty years later and pursuant to Art. 70 of Law No. 16,320, as of January 1, 1993, the Institute takes its current name. Historically linked to the Ministry of Economy (formerly Ministry of Finance), as of March 1, 1985, according to Decree 96/85, the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses became dependent on the Office of Planning and Budget. According to art. 5 of Statistical Law No. 16.616, promulgated on October 20, 1994, establishes that the National Institute of Statistics will depend hierarchically on the Planning and Budget Commission (literal O) of the transitory and special provisions of the Constitution of the Republic , without prejudice to the technical autonomy granted by the aforementioned law. This same Law establishes that the National Statistical System (SEN) is formed by the INE as the governing body, the Sectoral Coordinating Units (one for each relevant thematic area) and the other statistical production offices.

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