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    • maio 2017
      Fonte: Global Automakers
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      THE REDEFINED AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY, a report produced by the Association of Global Automakers and the American International Automobile Dealers Association, demonstrates the economic impact of international automakers and dealerships on the U.S. economy.    THE REDEFINED AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY showcases the reality of today’s vibrant and growing U.S. auto industry. The global array of companies represented in the report all share the same commitment to developing new technologies to provide safer, more efficient vehicles and expanding consumer choice   ASSOCIATION OF GLOBAL AUTOMAKERS The Association of Global Automakers represents international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and other automotive-related trade associations. Our global perspective has led us to approach every issue collaboratively by working with industry leaders, legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders to create the kind of public policy that improves vehicle safety, encourages technological innovation, and protects our planet. Our goal is to foster an open and competitive automotive marketplace that encourages investment, job growth, and development of more vehicles that enhance Americans’ quality of life. The Association has served as the voice of automobile manufacturers from around the world since 1961 under various names.