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Dual Citizen LLC

Dual Citizen advises clients on how to leverage data analytics and strategic communications to further their growth and development agendas.

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    • setembro 2016
      Fonte: Dual Citizen LLC
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      Acesso em 09 dezembro, 2016
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      This 5th edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) is a data-driven analysis of how 80 countries perform in the global green economy, as well as how expert practitioners rank this performance. Since its launch in 2010, the GGEI has signaled which countries are making progress towards greener economies, and which ones are not. The comparison of national green performance and perceptions of it revealed through the GGEI framework is more important than ever today. This is because while there is far greater public and political focus on climate change and green growth now than when the GGEI was first published, often the commitments and targets communicated by leaders do not match the reality. This report will provide an overview of the newest GGEI results from the 5th edition, as well as more detail on how our research and data can enrich the work of others in this space.