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Innovation and Science Australia (ISA)

Innovation and Science Australia is an independent statutory board, was formally established on 20th 0ct 2016, that provides strategic whole-of-government advice on all innovation, science and research matters. It provides advice to the Australian Government, through the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, to the Innovation and Science Committee of Cabinet.

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    • abril 2018
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      Global metallurgical coal spot prices are estimated to have risen to an average of around US$190 a tonne in the September quarter, due to both production disruptions in Australia and China and strong import demand from China.Over the outlook period, prices are forecast to decline, as operations return to normal.Robust prices are expected to contribute to continued strong export earnings in 2017–18, but moderating prices thereafter are expected to result in declining earnings in 2018–19.Australia’s metallurgical coal export earnings hit record high, $35 billion driven by high prices, in 2016–17.98% of Australia’s metallurgical coal production is exported.Australia is the largest exporter of metallurgical coal in world.