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Estados Unidos de América - Número de saídas

em 2015

International outbound tourists are the number of departures that people make from their country of usual residence to any other country for any purpose other than a remunerated activity in the country visited. The data on outbound tourists refer to the number of departures, not to the number of people traveling. Thus a person who makes several trips from a country during a given period is counted each time as a new departure.

Download our latest TOURISM cheat sheet Download

Download our latest TOURISM cheat sheet

Tourism is one of the industries where reliable data and statistics plays a significant role in planning and decision making. In this cheat sheet, you will find datasets widely used by industry professionals around the world to analyze international tourist flows, expenditures, impact on economy and more.

Data Valor Modificar, %
2015 73.453.000 7,74%
2014 68.176.000 10,19%
2013 61.874.000 1,94%
2012 60.697.000 2,51%
2011 59.209.000 -3,03%
2010 61.061.000 -1,60%
2009 62.051.000 -2,52%
2008 63.653.000 -0,62%
2007 64.049.000 0,61%
2006 63.663.000 0,25%
2005 63.503.000 2,74%
2004 61.809.000