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Estados Unidos de América - Assaltos

(cases per 100,000 population)
em 2015

“Burglary” means gaining unauthorised access to a part of a building/dwelling or other premises; including by use of force; with the intent to steal goods (breaking and entering). “Burglary” should include; where possible; theft from a house; appartment or other dwelling place; factory; shop or office; from a military establishment; or by using false keys. It should exclude theft from a car; from a container; from a vending machine; from a parking meter and from fenced meadow/compound. (UN-CTS M4.6)

Download our latest US ECONOMY cheat sheet Download

Download our latest US ECONOMY cheat sheet

The United States being the biggest economy in the world significantly influences the global economic situation. The US economy is comprehensively covered by data and statistics from multiple government and private sources. We selected the most significant and up-to-date ones and presented them in this cheat sheet.

Data Valor Modificar, %
2015 490,9 -8,47%
2014 536,3 -11,98%
2013 609,3 -9,10%
2012 670,3 -4,18%
2011 699,5 -0,04%
2010 699,8 -2,42%
2009 717,2 -2,04%
2008 732,1 0,83%
2007 726,1 -1,14%
2006 734,5 0,91%
2005 727,9 -0,37%
2004 730,6